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Reduces digital noise in your photographs without affecting the details
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Neat Image can help you reduce digital noise, which gives your photographs a grainy look. The tool supports various picture formats, such as JPG, TIFF, BMP, TIFF, and PNG. It has a neat interface that responds to its workflow, which consists of importing a picture, setting a noise profile, configuring filters and checking the resulting image. Fortunately, all of this is done in a wizard-like fashion.

The program provides various generic profiles that you can use according to the noise level of the source picture. Likewise, it also lets you create an automatic denoise profile by selecting an area with a solid color, like that of the sky. It is also quite convenient that you can create and save your own profiles. Once a profile has been picked or created, you can fine-tune the settings. Fortunately, there are two modes to do this: beginner and expert. Finally, the program lets you compare the photograph before and after the changes. One of the main advantages of the tool, if you compare it with other similar software, is that it can reduce noise without affecting the visibility of details.

All in all, Neat Image does a wonderful job of removing noise from your photographs. I must alert that the program can be kind of tricky at first, but you can always consult the excellent documentation. The product can be tried with several restrictions, like saving in JPG format only with a fixed quality. Not only that, the pictures are saved without their metadata. Neat Image is available in the standalone format as well as a Photoshop and Lightroom plugin. Likewise, it is sold in two editions: Home and Pro.

Pedro Castro
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  • Reduces noise without affecting the visibility of details
  • Comes with various generic profiles
  • Lets you fine-tune the results
  • Supports creating and saving your own profiles


  • May be a little tricky at first
  • The trial version cannot save in a lossless format
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